Monsoon should never come..!!!

Monsoon should never come..!!!

Yes..!!You heard me right. Monsoon should never come.

Does it sound surprising? Who doesn’t like to experience soft drizzles on their faces? Who doesn’t like the romantic weather? How can someone not like those thundering clouds? How can someone say Monsoon go away! Well, I can. Yes, I do not like rains, in fact, I love it. But still, I would say. Rain-Rain go away, come again another day!

This is because whenever I see those clouds I feel so happy that all I wanna do is look at them. I also want to sit and watch the pouring drops and forget the world around me. Rains used to be my favorite in childhood. We(my siblings and me) used to bathe endlessly in the rain and played games for hours all drenched. We used to cycle for hours in the rain shouting and howling and disturbing the colony people. We made paper boats and used to look for worms that magically appeared out of nowhere in the rainy season. Everything looked so beautiful and washed up in the rainy season! Rains were also sometimes the reason for bunking schools and eating homemade pakodas and samosas . Also, rains brought the famous corn cob (bhutta), oh how much I loved it, I can not tell.

I still remember my childhood days when I ended up getting scolded by every person in my house. Only because I was so lost in the beauty of monsoons that I used to forget serving tea to my father. I was shouted at almost daily during monsoons by my mother for forgetting to do my homework. My brother used to fret as I used to promise him to play a video game with him but started enjoying myself in the rain, totally forgetting my promises.

Well, those days were sweet but what to do now! Now the heart dances with the onset of monsoon but what to do, I can not dance with it. Growing up brings immense responsibilities to us and we can not say no to any of it, so instead, I pray that this monsoon should never come. Now I do not enjoy rains.

Instead, I see puddles and mess everywhere. I can either not take an off from our office on a rainy day or if we have to we do not become happy about it, I get tensed instead. Now I can not bathe and play in the rains and have to sit indoors cursing it. Dieting has made me stop eating those pakodas and samosas and eating bhutta seems a task! Getting lost is not an option with all these “grown ups” responsibilities. This makes me sad from the inside, sadness of not enjoying something that I enjoyed the most.

So, it is much better that rains do not come. If I can not be happy about it, at least there won’t be anything to be sad about.