Jaipur Wedding

Jaipur Wedding

Jaipur,the pink city is the capital of the largest state of India,Rajasthan. There are a plethora of tourists coming in Jaipur to visit the famous destinations like Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort and many others. Other than that people come here to celebrate the largest event of their life – Wedding.

Jaipur is one of the most famous spot for destination wedding in India. Being in the north part of the country it is blessed with a climate to enjoy that is extremes of everything. Extreme summers and extreme winters are a part of the package with the city offers to the visitors.

The city has witnessed many royal wedding of the time and the hospitality amuses the people and make them keep coming for more. Other than the royal wedding which are a thing for royal families ,the upper class and middle class too come here and custom a marriage ceremony here according to their needs and Jaipur have never failed to impress them with its charm and warmth.

Jaipur apart from its breath taking beauty and regal royalty, is a hub for scrumptious food and spicy tasty cuisines. Be it the hot and spicy kachoris with  chutney or the round and creamy ghevar or the flagship dish of daal -baati-churma all are made to tingle your taste buds and will take your a different level of food love where you would not want to name anything else as your favorite food but these. The wedding parties in Jaipur are also a heavy food affair. Be it any wedding ,local or otherwise the caterers offer a huge variety from their vast menu and sometimes it is wondered that maybe it is the food for which people are getting married.

Weddings at Jaipur are also a colorful event where you got to see so many glittery and groovy guests and the bride and groom look like some royal king and queen. Safas and odhnis clad baratis shake their leg in the bulb lit baarat (meaning marriage procession)and such is the fun of the night that it is impossible to imagine, it is just to be and enjoy. The grooms sometimes on a horse like a medieval warrior or sometimes on an elephant as the king of some sultanat (meaning state) looks immaculate and the bride complement her “to be”hubby by looking gorgeous in the red wedding lehenga and they together are a sight which every guest take in their imaginations to remember forever.

The preparation of the marriage ceremony is quite a task and takes from around 3 to 6 months on an average. The wedding planners  and hotels are coming to rescue now days but the traditional way is to engage the old and young of the house in the preparations. All in all everybody helps in to put together the event and enjoy and toil all at once to make it hit.

Music and fun are also at their extremes in a Jaipur Wedding. The traditional shehnai and tabla and the dhinchak bollywood numbers are seen listed on the DJ and catered to according to the guests need. All in all the wedding is a fun filled night of colors, food and music and Jaipur is a must visit city if someone calls in for their wedding. Wedding season is round the corner, pack your bag peeps…!!!